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Dahua Linux-based Video Wall Deployed in Venezuela


HANGZHOU, CHINA/ July 9, 2015 — Dahua Technology, a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance products headquartered in Hangzhou, China cooperated with Eiffler Industrial Company for video wall surveillance project in Caracas, Venezuela.

Eiffler Industrial Company is the supplier of Petroleo De Venezuela S.A. which also is an oil exploration equipment manufacturer. Its products cover oil exploration, production and process. This cooperation has brought more opportunities and possibility for Dahua.

A typical video wall is made up of a set of computer-monitors or television screens that are arranged like tiles on a wall to give the effect of a single big screen. Generally speaking, video wall was more often running on the Windows-based system. But according to the actual situation of Venezuela that the video wall needs to run in Linux system since Windows system is forbidden to use nationwide. Therefore, Dahua needs to ensure the video wall capable of running on Linux system precisely.

The compatibility of the system was an uncertainty operational factor for Dahua at first in this project. Compare to Windows system, video wall was more difficultly to operate in Linux system. It takes at least 2 months which is 4 hours a day for Dahua technology team to run the test. The whole experiment needs both sides’ engineers to discuss and coordinate together, and it needs third-party engineers’ remote support to work out the best result as well. The result is quilt acceptable for both sides by seeing Dahua logo on the video wall base on running on Linux system eventually.

Dahua DLP splicing video wall supports Linux system and compatible with all the customer’s original products. Various kinds of products are used by the whole project including 12 units of DHP-67-XGA, 6 units of DS-DZ-67, one unit of DH-DSCON, 4 units of DH-VGA0102 and one unit of DHM-VGA 2408. Build on this success, Dahua is capable of offering wide range of product portfolios to meet different applications.

“Dahua video wall, with super narrow bezel allows users to experience the excellent visual effect. Dahua compact-designed video wall controller supports multiple kinds of signal input: HDMI, DVI, VGA, CVBS, HDCVI and etc. Dahua always give the priority to our customers, so our solution is designed to bring more benefits to them.” said Nathan Chen, Product Manager at Dahua Technology.