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Resumption of Work--Bar

In order to support the smooth resumption of businesses, Dahua launched its SMB Resumption of work - Bar Solution.
This solution offers temperature monitoring and people flow control, which can help ensure a safe bar environment for customers and staff during this special period.

Business Process

Pain Points:

  • • Using clinical thermometer is inefficient.
  • • Difficulties in maintaining the flow and number of people inside the bar

Business Requirements:

  • • Safe and efficient temperature monitoring
  • • Manage people flow automatically


People Flow Control

  • Digital Signage

  • People Counting Camera

  • Allowed to enter

  • Standby

  • Wait outside

Temperature Monitoring

  • Standing Bracket For Standalone

  • OK to enter

  • Recheck

Monitoring Center

  • DSS Express

  • NVR


High Efficiency:

  • • Employees don't need to stand at the door all the time. They only need to assist incoming customers when the number of people inside the bar is reaching the threshold.

High Accuracy:

  • • The number of people inside the bar are monitored and displayed on the screen with 98% accuracy, eliminating the need for manual counting which is often inaccurate especially if there are multiple entrances.

High Security:

  • • Offers safe, efficient non-contact temperature monitoring.
  • • Monitors the number of people in the bar.

Solution Design

Core Products

  • ASI7213X-T1 + ASF172X-T1
  • IPC-HDBW5442E -ZE
  • LDH49-SAI200
  • NVR5216-4KS2
  • DSS Express