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Safety and Security

Fast Investigation

20+ Attributes

Face: 6
Human: 8
Non-motor Vehicle: 6
Motor Vehicle: 7

Solution Value
  • • AI technology helps classify all objects, including person, motor vehicle, and non-motor vehicle.
  • • Allows tracking of human/vehicle targets if needed.
  • • Provides Big Data for further analysis.
Solution Value
· Intergrates AI sensor, panic buttons, platform and mobile terminal to set up an entire emergency management system, allowing the security personnel to respond in time and reduce safety risks.
· Equipped with perimeter protection technology to detect intruders inside the hospital/nursing home.
· Install panic buttons with camera or emergency call in some areas such as nurse station, reception desk, etc. to get timely support.
Vehicle Security
Solution Value
· Adopts ANPR and barrier gates for vehicle management at the entrance & exit gate with higher efficiency.
· Supports displaying of vehicle plate number, number of available parking spaces, welcome messages, and other information on the screen.
· Provides visual reports of vehicles entering the hospital or nursing home.
· Dahua has a lot of PTZ products with different resolution, lens, and optical zoom capabilities that can be used to monitor outdoor parking lots.
· Auto tracking can automatically zoom and track the target according to the preset rules.
· Starlight+ technology offers best-in-class light sensitivity that can capture color details in low light environment (down to 0.005 lux), making it ideal for night monitoring.
Basic Surveillance
Outpatient Hall
· One camera covers the whole scene and provides a 360° degree view
· Supports people counting and queue detection
· Corner camera is easy to install
· Supports privacy masking
· Can be customized to add an LED signal
· One camera can cover two directions
· Supports perimeter protection and people counting
Center Management

Other Application Area