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Key Technology


Convenient entrance & exit with camera embedded ANPR

  • • Efficiency ANPR, complete plate recognition in less than 1 second.
  • • Video stream or image transferring is not required, less time consumption.
  • • Individual server for ANPR is not required, reduce the cost of server.
  • • More stable, even if the network is offline, ANPR would not be influenced.

Economic space detection

  • • Efficiency ANPR makes spot camera multi-function.
  • • Multi-space coverage, up to 3 space per lens and 6 space per camera.
  • • ANPR provides key information for vehicle locating.

High Accuracy Vehicle Shape Detecton Algorithm

  • • Latest deep learning vehicle shape detecton algorithm applied.
  • • Detecton based on Vehicle Shape, whether there is a license plate (such as the license plate is covered by snow, mud, etc.).
  • • Parking status results less affected by other objects, such as passerby.
  • • Vehicle Detecton rate higher than 99%.

Professional Management Platform

Special designed for parking management

  • • Based on map, easy-to-use visual interface.
  • • Professional functions, like reservation and VIP parking.
  • • Rich parking data, open for management and analysis.
  • • Improve management efficiency and reduce labour costs.