Programme Introduction

  • DAHUA Training Certification
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The Dahua Training and Certification Program is dedicated to enhancing the overall competence of engineers in the field of safety. It aims to help them improve their capabilities in product selection, solution design, product installation, equipment commissioning, function operation and troubleshooting. The programme includes both theoretical and practical training to enhance learning outcomes.

After passing the training, you will receive the corresponding training certification (DHSA/DHSP/DHSE).



The Dahua Training and Certification Program can:

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  • target3

Course Categories

  • Technical Certification
    Video Surveillance System(VSS)DHSA-VSSDHSP-VSS
    Access Control System(ACS)DHSA-ACS
    Video Intercom System (VIS)DHSA-VIS
    Intrusion Alarm System(IAS)DHSA-IAS
    Mobile Vehicle System(MVS)DHSA-MVS
    Intelligent Transportation System(ITS)DHSA-ITS
    Display and Control(DAC)DHSP-DAC
    Parking Management System(PMS)DHSP-PMS
    Video Management System(VMS)DHSP-VMSDHSE-VMS
    Special Certification
    Small and Medium Business

Certification Process


Register and wait for approval

Sign up: Fill in your information: the Name will be printed on certificate, the Company Name will benefit the cooperation of Dahua and the company, the classroom training plan is related to the Region and Country you filled in.

Wait for approval: Wait or contact the Dahua customer manager to approve the account authority based on the true information.

Login: Login with the approved account, enter the website training modules to get the whole training & certification service .


Start a Certification Course

Online Learning:We recommend participating in the online training to get the theory knowledge. If you don’t have account, please contact regional training manager.

Webinar:We will arrange the online live training regularly based on the customer requirement.

Classroom Training:We recommend classroom training to strengthen the practical ability.


Take Exams & get certificate

Take exams:After the completion of the study, you can participate in the corresponding certification exam, each exam allows for two attempts. If you failed both, you have to relearn the course. Some certification programs may require additional practical exams.

Obtain Certification:Obtain the certificate and renew it every two years.


Dahua will award course certificates to those who have passed course examinations. Each certificate is valid for 2 years + 30 days (buffer period when the certificate is invalid)

Already Certified?

Certificate Verification

Certificate Expired?

Participate in the recertification exam. If recertification is successful within a certificate's 30 days buffer period, the certificate validity period will be extended by 2 years after the original expiration date.


Contact Us

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