Furness College Installs Dahua Temperature Monitoring Access Control


Furness College, the largest education provider in Cumbria, is installing six Temperature Monitoring Access Control systems from Dahua Technology at both of its sites.


Furness College is a further education college in Barrow offering A-levels and vocational and technical qualifications for 16-18 year old learners, apprenticeships, university courses and a wide range of full and part-time courses for adults. The college is split over two main campuses: the £47m Channelside Campus, with its outstanding vocational facilities, and the Sixth Form campus on Rating Lane, where A-level courses are provided. The college offers a range of options, from professional and technical courses, such as BTECs and apprenticeships, through to a range of more than 25 A-level subjects and higher education courses. College facilities include state-of-the-art workshop facilities, brand-new learning suites equipped with the latest technology and equipment for all vocational areas, as well as higher education and business training. These state-of-the-art workshop facilities equip students for their progression into the workplace. There is even a mocked-up submarine for those looking for work in the town’s largest employer, BAE Systems. Facilities also include a virtual nursery, a clinical suite, an Apple iMac suite as well as a commercial salon, restaurant and fitness center.


The Dahua TMAC contactless system, which features a camera combining thermal and optical lenses with temperature and facial recognition technology and a seven-inch touchscreen display, is being installed by managed services provider TGC Computers. The system is available as a freestanding unit, either floor-standing or on a pedestal. It can also be wall-mounted or integrated with access control turnstiles. The TMAC terminals are standalone and movable, so the college is able to place them in reception and then move them to other key locations on the campuses, as required. They are able to detect elevated skin temperature even when the person’s face is partially covered, such as with a mask. If the wearing of masks is required, the system can also detect people not wearing them. The terminals at Furness College provide virtual corridors through which people pass. The units can also be linked to a reception desk, for staff to receive an alert if someone is detected with a raised body temperature and to other third-party access control systems to provide an additional level of authentication. They also have the capability of being integrated with Dahua Technology’s people-counting software to help enable social distancing.


Darren Stevens, IT Manager at Furness College, said that three TMAC units have already been installed at the college’s two main sites, with a further three planned for September at the other sites. “We selected the TMAC systems because they provide a swift, non-intrusive way of checking everyone’s body temperature,” he said. “We are really impressed with the unit’s rate of scanning, so it doesn’t create bottlenecks of people trying to enter the premises. All in all, TMAC is a very professional and easy-to-use piece of kit. It looks attractive, too.” Tony Caisley, Business Development Director at TGC Computers said, “What makes the Dahua system stand out is the sophisticated AI-driven software, which identifies 256 points on a face and provides highly accurate readings. The cost-effective system is spot-on in terms of providing the right solution for organizations that are gradually allowing staff and visitors back into their premises. TMAC is a perfect solution for users such as Furness College, who want to have the flexibility of easily moving the units to different locations.”