Dahua AI Solution Boosts School Security for Ashton International College


With the current pandemic crisis, ever-increasing threat of infection as well as security related issues experienced all over the world, the implementation of Ashton International College’s Safe School Initiative employing the Dahua Smart Campus Solution to equip its campus with a set of AI-enabled intelligent security systems could not have come at a better time.


Based on these challenges faced by Ashton International College, Dahua Technology developed an AI-based advanced Smart Campus Solution featuring face recognition, temperature monitoring, active deterrence, ANPR, time attendance, etc. for the customer. This solution was designed and deployed around the college campus in Ballito by Dahua’s local partner, Blackstorm Africa (PTY) Ltd and their projects team.


As part of Ashton International College’s Safe School Initiative, the project aims to boost the campus security and create a safe and pleasant environment for students and teachers. To achieve this, the innovative Dahua TiOC camera that features active deterrence, real-time alarm, full color and accurate alarm functions were utilized in key areas to deter any suspicious individuals from entering the school grounds after school hours. Even in dense fog and heavy rain, the camera’s red and blue light together with a wailing siren or recorded voice audio can effectively warn off suspicious people near restricted areas. At the same time, the camera provides alarm notifications in real-time through the app, allowing security staff to respond in time using intelligent functions such as two-way talk. Moreover, the camera’s outstanding full-color performance offers clear color images at night to aid identification of possible suspects.

For access control, Dahua Temperature Monitoring Access Control (TMAC) equipment was installed at various entrances on the campus, enabling quick and contactless registration of each student and teacher via face recognition. In addition to automatic time attendance, the system also provides a non-invasive way to monitor elevated skin temperature of people entering and leaving the college campus.

To strengthen vehicle management, Dahua Technology’s ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology was deployed and linked live to Blackstorm Africa’s control room. This enables security personnel to get instant alerts of any block listed or stolen vehicles that may enter the campus.

As part of the WizMind Solution launched by Dahua Technology, the AI NVR5216-8P-I provides precise, reliable and comprehensive Artificial Intelligent Solutions and allows for facial recognition, perimeter protection, SMD plus, block list alarms and video metadata. In addition, all front-end cameras and devices are connected to DSS central platform that can realize people flow control and generate attendance reports to improve management efficiency.


Blackstorm Africa (PTY) Ltd with the Dahua Smart Campus Solution has fostered the effective implementation of Ashton International College Safe School Initiative, helping them achieve 24/7 complete pro-active on-site and off-site monitoring of their campus using a variety of advanced security applications. Instead of relying only on recorded re-active videos as evidence after an event, the TiOC makes it possible to respond during the event with its Active Deterrence, Full-color and Real-time Alarm functions that can significantly help prevent criminal events from happening. Monitoring resources for time and attendance of staff have been reduced and classroom roll call has become a thing of the past as each student is automatically registered as they walk onto the campus. Temperature monitoring devices accurately detect abnormal temperatures of students and staff entering the campus, thus providing an additional layer of protection inside the school premises.

“In response to the pandemic in South Africa, Ashton International College Ballito embarked on our Safe School Initiative as the safety of students and teachers is always our first concern.” Said Mr. Joe Erusmus, Managing Director of Ashton International College Ballito.

“The solution assisted us in implementing a Temperature Monitoring system that gives us the ability to automatically monitor our students and staff temperatures quickly and effectively as they arrive at school, reducing long lines and waiting times for entry, thus allowing us to strengthen the protection for our students and employees, enabling Heightened Security Protocols and allowing us to monitor who are authorized to enter our campus and who are not.”

“Embarking on our Safe School Initiative, we have upgraded our security solutions with Blackstorm Africa (PTY) Ltd and Dahua Technology’s AI solutions that allow us to monitor security related issues on and off site. The system instantly alert our management and security regarding any potential threats, which simplifies our security operation, improves management efficiency and creates a Pro-Active Security Protocol.” Erusmus added.