Dahua CEEN Unveils New WizSense 2 Series


According to relevant academic reports, people watching a single video monitor for more than twenty minutes lose 95% of their ability to maintain focus and attention that are needed to discern significant events. In addition, the security industry reports show that over 98% of generated alarms are false. Limitations in the ability of humans to vigilantly monitor video surveillance’s live footage paved way to the demand for artificial intelligence that could efficiently perform such task. To solve these problems, Dahua CEEN released WizSense 2 Series to ensure your personal safety and property.

The newly introduced WizSense 2 Series integrates SMD Plus, Perimeter Protection, Smart Codec, Smart Dual Illuminators and other extended functions to deliver accurate detection, fast target search, simplified operation and complete end-to-end solutions to customers.

The WizSense 2 Series brings a brand new Smart Dual Illuminators feature, with three supplementary light modes to deliver clear and vivid full-color images while avoiding continuous use of warm light, providing a flexible solution for a variety of night and low-light monitoring scenarios. Adopting deep learning algorithm to accurately detect targets, WizSense 2 Series intelligently switch between the IR mode when there is no target in the scene and Full-color mode when a target is detected. It allows users to record full-color events without contributing to light pollution. Moreover, the illumination mode of the Smart Dual Illuminators can also be adjusted on the DMSS app with a single click, enabling users to remotely manage the device, view the monitored scene and receive timely alarm notifications at anytime, anywhere.

With easy configuration and reasonable price, WizSense 2 Series is competent enough to meet the needs of most ordinary users. Its benefits include: accurate prediction before an event; instant deterrence during an event; quick target search after an event; storage saving while ensuring target details, and privacy protection and defense against attacks. Its Smart Codec technology provides a lower bit rate and helps decrease storage costs. While offering abundant functionalities, WizSense 2 Series also ensures high-level of cyber security using encryption algorithms that are certified by TÜV and UL (Underwriters Laboratories). Users can rest assured that their privacy will be properly protected using WizSense 2 series products.

The wider deployment of WizSense is exactly what Dahua Technology has always adhered to: Enabling a Safer Society and Smarter Living.

* Product launch date might vary depending on the country of CEEN region.