People Counting

What is People Counting?

The Dahua People Counting can track and process moving human body targets to realize accurate statistics of people entering, leaving and currently within the monitored area. This intelligent function offers customers with valuable data for business report analysis, providing statistics with up to 99% counting accuracy.



  • People Counting for Line Crossing

    Dahua People Counting can obtain in-depth information, filter hovering and provide reports with high accuracy.
  • Leave Post Detection

    Detection of personnel on duty status, and real-time alarm.
  • Crowd Detection

    Detect the crowd situation of the area, give real-time alarm, and inform the administrator to disperse the crowd.
  • People Counting in Area

    It supports independent detection of up to 4 areas, and detects the changes in the number of people in every area in real time. Reports could be exported as well.
  • Queue Management

    Dahua Queue Management supports two types of alarms: number of people and waiting time. It also supports report export.

Typical Scenario

  • Reception

    For some important jobs, it is necessary to ensure that there are staff on duty. The manager hopes to monitor the status of staff on duty in real time, and alarm the absence of staff in real time to inform the manager to respond to the changes of staff on post in time.

  • Checkout Counter
    Checkout Counter

    With the queue management function, when the number of people or the waiting time reaches the preset threshold, the system will alert the manager to open additional checkout counters to serve customers without delay. This enables retailers to deliver better in-store experience and reduce labor costs.