Industrial Temperature Measurement in Oil & Gas Industry


In hazardous areas such oil & gas industrial, ordinary cameras could produce electric sparks that could cause explosions, and the pipes or motor equipment may have potential anomaly which cannot be discovered by visible camera. Dahua thermal explosion-proof camera can withstand inner explosion pressure and prevent the spread of the explosion to the surrounding areas, it also support smart temperature measurement that can be used to discover the hidden problems to prevent accidents before they start.



  • Explosion Proof Certification

    ATEX and IECEx certified, making it ideal for explosion prone environments. The device also has IP68 protection and stainless steel material that can help prevent ignition sparks.
  • Online Temperature Measurement

    Thermal imaging temperature measurement can realize online temperature measurement, which can help discover potential risk in time.
  • Intelligent Inspection

    By editing the device list on the platform and linking it with the temperature monitoring camera, users can automatically inspect key devices regularly and display device data more intuitively.

Typical Scenario

  • Oil & Gas Field
    Oil & Gas Field

  • Flour Mill Factory
    Flour Mill Factory

  • Chemical Processing Plant
    Chemical Processing Plant

  • Gas Station
    Gas Station