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What is DHOP

The Dahua Hardware Open Platform (DHOP) is an open application platform that allows third-party applications to be downloaded and installed on Dahua Network Cameras. It provides end-users with the right solutions to optimize their security or loT environment. Flexibility is also guaranteed as users can always remove existing applications and upload new solutions.

How it works

  • Algorithm Loading On Demand

    Select the most suitable add-on applications developed by third party partners from official channels.

  • Diverse Ecosystem

    With a diverse ecosystem, various applications and solutions are available in DHOP.

  • Open Architecture

    Encapsulated hardware make it easier to develop and upgrade sotiware on Dahua devices.

User Benefits

  • Higher Adaptability

    Adjust your environment's needs more easily and increase your situational awareness.

  • Higher Efficiency

    No high CPU loads that can affect the performance

  • Less Storage

    Processing takes place on the camera side and no additional servers are needed.

  • Lower Network Traffic

    Processing via the front-end camera can optimize your bandwidth management.

  • Less Costs

    Lower fixed and variable costs thanks to a lower bandwidth and less servers.

Application Marketplace

Select the APP you are interested in:

ActivityDetection is a full featured embedded video analytics solution allowing multiple simultaneous scenarios detections from intrusion in an area, crossing of one or several virtual lines and deposit or withdrawal of objects in a zone. Each scenario can be configured for people, vehicles or user-defined objects size and speed. ActivityDetection - Edge uses ACIC algorithms that have already proven their robustness in extreme indoor and outdoor conditions with AI capabilities.

Born from the results of more than 35 years of research activities, VTrack is the largest and most complete suite of Video Analysis functions.

RetailFlux people counting software offers both the lowest cost solution and the most sophisticated analytic technology in the market. RetailFlux people counting solutions are based on our property Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, called FluxVision. Our FluxVision based counting solution provides best-in-class data quality with the lowest implementation cost possible thanks to its AI core. That is, regular CCTV cameras are transformed into the World’s most accurate and versatile counter devices with the help of our unique AI software platform. The exclusive features brought by RetailFlux people counters include staff exclusion, occupancy and shopping time metrics.

Application Marketplace

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