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Vehicle Entrance & Exit

Dahua SMB Vehicle Entrance & Exit Solution adopts advanced ANPR technology and integrates intercom into a well coordinated vehicle management system, enabling a safe and efficient vehicle entrance and exit.
Parking lot without vehicle access management system


  • Unauthorized vehicles can enter, posing potential danger.
  • No available access record, making investigation difficult.


  • Unauthorized vehicles occupy parking spaces.
Outdated parking lot management device


  • Swiping card slows down vehicle flow, which can cause congestion during rush hour.
  • Wastes a lot of time when car owners forget their card.


  • Lack of access records makes investigation difficult after an event.
  • No means to check visitor’s status and record visiting time.


  • Needs a guard on site to monitor the area during emergency.
  • Swiping parking card is inconvenient especially when it is raining or snowing.
Build an ANPR vehicle access management system
Open and close the barrier aut- omatically through plate recognition instead of swiping a card
Requires quick recognition and passage, and highly accurate recognition capability
Requires high reliability in order to avoid hitting people or cars
Solution Overview
Solution Value


  • · Restricts unauthorized vehicles
    · Blocklist alarm
    · Recording and backtracking


  • · Reduces operating costs
    · No need for an on-site guard


  • · 1-second recognition and fast passage
    · Remote controlling via DSS


  • · Integrates with other barriers
    · Does not damage original system
Application Scenarios

Residential Area Entrance

Apartment Entrance

Hotel Entrance

Office Building Entrance

School Entrance

Industrial Park Entrance

Recommended Models