Panoramic Surveillance 2023

What is Panoramic Surveillance?

The Dahua panoramic system is designed for applications that require a 360°, 270°, 180° view for situational awareness. With its all-in-one design, up to 8K Ultra High Definition resolution, wider coverage, excellent night view, better image correction, and rich AI functions, it is a perfect surveillance solution that can replace multiple conventional cameras, reduce complexity, and save installation and maintenance costs.



  • HD Panoramic Image

    Delivers vast area coverage with crystal clear images, enabling users to see more hard-to-discover details in large scale scenarios with up to 8K ultra HD resolution.
  • Super-wide Coverage

    Equipped with multiple lenses, the Dahua panoramic camera can implement seamless splicing between lenses and achieve 180°, 270° and 360°field of view, providing high-definition panoramic images.
  • Cost-effective Installation

    One panoramic camera can replace multiple conventional cameras, greatly reducing installation, wiring and maintenance costs. With a PTZ camera, users can easily zoom in to see close-up details.
  • Excellent Night View

    Compared to the old product, the new Hubble series and Multi-Sensor 180° series are equipped with F1.0 large aperture lens and better overexposure suppression technology, which can offer better sharper images and better night vision.
  • Better Image Correction

    Through algorithm optimization, the Dahua panoramic camera can provide better corrections and offer higher-quality images. Compared to the previous generation, the horizontal field of view Angle of our new product has been improved from 110° to 150°.
    *Only products with 4 sensors support.
  • EPTZ

    EPTZ can simultaneously zoom in and track multiple humans and vehicles when an alarm is triggered, realizing an intelligent function similar to PTZ linkage. In addition to a panoramic view, EPTZ also provides rich details to help users see distant object clearly.
  • AR Panorama

    Based on AR technology and resources integration, the AR Panorama achieves a visual, controllable and dispatchable new command mode in a single system.
    *Combine with CyberCity platform, Hubble series and Multi-Sensor 180° series can realize the function.
  • Multiple AI Functions

    It is difficult in traditional monitoring to capture details and achieve intelligent application for human and vehicle targets in a large field of view. The Dahua Panoramic solution perfectly solves this problem and effectively captures image details. Dahua has launched several intelligent solutions for different scenes.
  • High And Low Altitude Mode

    In order to solve the problem of false alarms in the detection of human and vehicles caused by too low installation height of the old products, we launched the high and low altitude mode, which can greatly improve the detection rate of human and vehicles in low-altitude scenes, among which the detection rate of human and vehicles is increased to 95% and 98%, and also make these cameras applicable to more medium scenes.
    *Only Hubble series and Multi-Sensor 180° Series support.

솔루션 및 제품

Panoramic Cameras + DSS Platform + Recorder + Decoder + Video Wall

·One machine with multiple use that greatly reduces installation, wiring and maintenance costs.

·Provides crowd density and vehicle density analysis, and supports generate reports for BI analysis

·Based on AR technology, AR Panorama makes monitoring more perceptible and effective.

·Time-lapse enhances the visibility of the projects from beginning to end.

상품 선택

일반적인 상황

  • Squares

    Counts crowd number and density distribution in real time.

  • Urban Roads
    Urban Roads

    Counts vehicle number and congestion condition in real time.

  • Entrance & Exit Areas
    Entrance & Exit Areas

    Provides a panoramic view and rich details at the same time.

  • Industrial Parks
    Industrial Parks

    Improves monitoring efficiency and resources integration based on AR real scene.