Industrial Temperature Measurement in Electricity Industry

What is Thermal Industrial Temperature Measurement?

There is a corresponding relationship between radiation energy and temperature. The different gray values can be used to represent difference in temperature in order to achieve an effective temperature measurement function.

The conventional way of temperature measurement is to use handheld device which is  non-real-time. Dahua provides an online temperature measurement method that can be used in various industries, greatly increase the inspection efficiency.



  • All-weather Temperature Measurement

    Thermal imaging temperature measurement can realize all-weather online temperature measurement and fast temperature measurement, which can help discover issues in time and save manpower.
  • Data Report

    Online temperature measurement can automatically store temperature measurement data, making it convenient for users to trace the changes in data history.
  • Intelligent Inspection

    By editing the device list on the platform and linking it with the temperature measurement camera, users can automatically inspect key devices regularly and display device data more intuitively.

솔루션 및 제품

Thermal Camera + NVR

·High temperature accuracy - up to ±2℃ or ± 2%, with multiple measurement rules.

·High precision PT unit can automatically adjust position in real time which offers high precision.

·Support data report to analyze temperature tendency, and create inspection plan on DSS to check the device condition automatically.

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