The Dahua cloud managed switches are integrated into the DoLynk Care platform, allowing you to remotely manage your devices via the cloud. The auto-generated network topology helps you easily manage the whole CCTV system and identify network errors in real-time, which greatly simplifies network maintenance.
The DoLynk care cloud platform offers a confluent cloud-based service system that allows you to manage on-site devices and enjoy a full range of services. In addition, this series also offers long-distance PoE function that can supply power to devices up to 250 meters away. The PoE red port supplies up to 90W. It is suitable for various scenarios, such as homes, factories and offices.


26-Port Cloud Managed Switch with 24-Port PoE


18-Port Cloud Managed Switch with 16-Port PoE


9-Port Cloud Managed Gigabit Switch with 8-Port PoE


6-Port Cloud Managed Gigabit Switch with 4-Port PoE


6-Port Cloud Managed Switch with 4-Port PoE


10-Port Cloud Managed Switch with 8-Port PoE