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Dahua Technology Awarded Videologic Analytics "Dahua ECO Partner of the Year"


Hangzhou, China / December 16, 2021. Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, awarded the Spanish company Videologic Analytics as "Dahua ECO Partner of the year". The award recognizes the distinctive contributions of Videologic Analytics to the Dahua ecosystem, which includes a savvy video analytic solution for the energy vertical.

As an initiative from the Dahua ECO Partner Program, the "Dahua ECO Partner of the Year" award aims to express gratitude and appreciation to the technology partner that has helped Dahua Technology reach new heights. "We are committed to providing a proven value proposition to our customers and third-party solutions help us achieve this objective," says Peter Pan, Dahua Global Technology Partner Alliance Director. "It has been exciting to witness how we have strengthened our relationship with our technology partners since 2020. We have developed many joint solutions that have been implemented across the security and IoT industry, and Videologic Analytics has immensely contributed to this. They are a true benchmark in the solar farm industry,"he added.

Videologic Analytics was founded in 2014. With specialty in perimeter intrusion detection, it provides a top-notch perimeter intrusion detection solution available on server and also on Dahua DHOP enabled cameras. The integration has allowed real-time detection of perimeter breach via video analysis of the images captured by the Dahua IP cameras. At the same time, it has realized the visualization of alarms and events on Dahua DSS software.

Sergi González, Videologic Analytics Founder & CTO, is very grateful for the award. "It´s a great experience to be part of the Dahua ecosystem. We are delighted to receive this award and for the great opportunity to present our technology globally. We are also thankful for the support we received from the DHOP technical and development team. Together we’ll continue to strengthen our presence in the solar farm industry and beyond."

Next year in February, Dahua Iberia and Videologic Analytics will co-exhibit on SICUR, the international security exhibition in Madrid. It will be a great occasion to showcase the performance of the embedded solution on Dahua cameras, together with the seamless integration with the Dahua’s VMS solution (DSS Pro).

To learn more about this solution and other third-party solutions embedded in Dahua cameras, please contact ECOsystem@dahuatech.com.

About Videologic Analytics

Videologic Analytics is a Spanish software development company focused mainly in perimeter detection. Its video analysis algorithms provide one of the best intrusion prevention capability to thousands of video channels around the world. In the last years, they have led the protection of solar plants in Spain using thermal technology cameras. They also have experience in video systems integration, industrial systems and access control systems. The key for his success is an excellent customer service over a solid product, having always in mind that the goal is always the customer full satisfaction.

Visit http://www.videologicanalytics.com to learn more.

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