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Dahua Security Access Control Gateway

Dahua Security Access Control Gateway (SACG) solves the problem of private connection. Only trusted frontends and legal traffic are allowed to access the network, so as to realize the security of core data area of video network

>Device identity authentication: SACG can actively scan current network devices (such as IPC, PC, and NVR) to build an asset library, and authen ticate the identity of cameras for compliance through the device fea ture fingerprint technology, effectively blocking unauthorized devices

>Transfer protocol filtering: SACG can identify and filter transferred data at the protocol level, by only releasing compliance data, such as videos and pictures, while blocking illegal traffic.SACG is compatible with the protocol features of mainstream surveillance device manufacturers
>Real-time blocking of threats: SACG can monitor access behaviors and transferred data of devices in a variety of ways, can block detected at tacks and send alarms in real time
>Asset status monitoring: SACG can monitor the operation status of cam eras in real time, including information on device IP address, online and offline time, Front-ends status,Front-ends type, manufacturer brand, geographic location, device online rate, and the quality of access links
>Unified security management: SACG can be integrated into the Dahua security management platform for unified management to intuitively present users with rich and real-time security operation status of the video surveillance system.

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  • Technical Specification






    200-channel 4M stream

    500-channel 4M stream

    1,500-channel 4M stream





    Dimensions (W × D × H) (mm)

    300 × 430 × 44.5

    440 × 423 × 44

    440 × 423 × 44

    Power Consumption




    High Reliability

    Hot standby and redundancy design of key components such as VRRP, power supply, and fan.

    Security Access

    Authenticate access devices through IP, MAC, allowlist, and 802.1X protocol.

    Protocol Filtering

    Supports standard transfer protocols ONVIF, SIP, and most of the Private protocols of mainstream video manufacturers

    Network Adaptability

    Inline and bypass traffic direction deployment modes; static routing, RIP v1/2, OSPF, BGP, and policy routing.

    Configuration Management

    Local configuration through the Console port

    Local or remote configuration through Telnet or SSH

    Remote configuration management through web

    SNMP v1/v2/v3, unified operation and maintenance management, and NTP time sync