The Dahua AirShield Wireless Security System consists of alarm hubs, various wireless peripherals and several applications for end users, installers and ARCs.

Featuring easy installation, stable connectivity, user-friendly mobile management, feature-rich interconnection with Dahua VTH&NVR and other advanced functions, the system provides modern residences and commercial buildings with tangible protection through invisible connection.


  • Interconnection

    Alarm hub interconnects with NVR/XVR and VTH through network protocol instead of traditional dry contact signal, bringing more functions and better experience.

  • Integration

    Converter forwards events received from Hubs to the platform software of Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) based on standard protocols such as SIA DC-09, Sur-Gard or the private protocol of the platform software itself.

  • Interaction

    Through cloud-based mobile and PC apps, end users, installers, and security companies can remotely manage the alarm system and receive alarm events, anytime and anywhere.

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How to Add and Delete Devices

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How to Arm & Disarm the Security System

How to Set the Output Devices

How to Connect Wired Detector

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How to Integrate with ARC & CMS

How to Interconnect with Android VTH

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