Quick Pick

What is Quick Pick?

The Dahua Quick Pick technology can quickly identify human/vehicle targets of interest, which optimizes the search for relevant SMD events. With excellent integration of intelligent functions of both cameras and recorders, this feature can search human/vehicle targets based on AI algorithm that can extract and compare clothing and vehicle colors. It significantly saves labor costs and increases accuracy of results compared to manual checking of SMD events.


Quicker Search – Enhance Search Efficiency ≥ 90%

Reduction of Manual Checking

Quick Pick simplifies search steps to save time and costs. It lets you automate what was once a several-hour manual effort. Compared with other traditional search methods, there is a significant decrease in the number of video clips that you need to manually check using the Quick Pick feature.

Multiple-target Search

Quick Pick can compare one or more human/vehicle targets at the same time. The search results of Quick Pick include video clips related to all human/vehicle targets in the detection box.

Higher Accuracy – Filter Target Accuracy ≥ 90%

Filter Irrelevant Human/Vehicle Targets

Based on AI algorithm that can extract and compare colors of clothing and vehicles, the Quick Pick function can filter out irrelevant human/vehicle targets. It helps users focus on the targets of interest and find useful information with higher accuracy.

Easier Operation – Average Search Time ≤ 5s

Quick Full-channel Search

Quick Pick supports target search through full-channel SMD recordings, which provides a more comprehensive search for any possible risks and subtle problems. The default search condition is already preset to save configuration time.

One-click Search

Quick Pick provides a one-click search function to locate human/vehicle targets of interest. It has one search button on both preview and playback interface that can be used to find relevant video recordings after an event.

User-friendly and Convenient UI Design

Quick Pick presents a new search UI that is easy to use and navigate. On the same page, you can find search results on the left menu and video playback on the right side. These videos can be automatically played one by one. The search condition bar is initially hidden and the similarity can be quickly adjusted by dragging the slider in the lower left.


Typické scénáře

  • Villa

  • Supermarket

  • Enterprise Park
    Enterprise Park



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