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Dahua Secures Peruvian LAN Airline Premises


HANGZHOU, China/ February 27, 2015 — LAN airline, one of the most important airline companies in Latin America, is based in Lima, Peru. The airline company operates scheduled domestic and international services, controlling over seventy percent of the domestic market. Its main base and maintenance center are located in Jorge Chávez International Airport, Lima, which is a significant transfer hub and aviation infrastructure of South America.

The LAN airline deploys its surveillance system with Dahua solutions for its office and airplane maintenance center, where plays a vital role to keep customers' airplanes flying safely. As what the customer specified, they want the center covered to ensure a 100% regular management and operation. However, since it is located inside of Jorge Chávez International Airport, it brings along with a hassle as neither too many cables nor wireless antennas are allowed because it may generate electronic jamming.

Under this circumstance, Dahua team suggested to use a hybrid solution — a combination of AP (access points) and wire transmission — wirelessly transmit the camera data to inter-connected sub-centers, and then cable-transmit to the control room.

The “AP mode” wireless video transmission system includes access points, feeders, PoE, antennas and power cables, allowing a 3.0km to 5.0km long-distance fast transmission with a wide angle, by which, the coverage is further expanded.

There are in total hundreds of network cameras and Dahua speed domes adopted, ranging from basic lineup to the Eco-Savvy series with versatile shapes such as domes and box cameras according to the actual surveillance surroundings. Take the Eco-Savvy camera series for example, the dome camera is able to provide high-quality image with much lower power consumption — saving up to 50% energy compared with similar products from other bidders. Moreover, the Dahua 6C-series speed dome cameras can not only provide clear and crisp images, but also requires less output power, lowering the power output of the airport.

As for storage, over fifteen 16-channel PoE NVRs are applied, each with 384Mbps incoming bandwidth, rendering a smooth HD real-time preview and recording; and its PoE function simplifies installation and reduces signal interference. The NVR accommodates up to 16TB with 4 SATAs supported, ensuring a large volume 7/24 storage.

“Actually, we have many bidders and the final reason that drives us to cooperate with Dahua is their outstanding product quality and service. We can see their professionalism in video surveillance and plus their sincerity makes us moved during the communication,” Said Luis A. Gómez Cornejo, Supervisor of Electronic Security at LAN Perú. “The implementation went great, they deployed the system within quite a short time and the products are in very good performance.”

“We feel super honored to be involved in this case,” said William Zhou, Sales Director for Latin Americas at Dahua Technology. “In recent years, we are going vertical rather than providing simple and individual products. And this project deepened our insight and practical experience towards airport projects.”