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Banking & Finance

Dahua Upgrades Security Level for Banco Provincia in Argentina


HANGZHOU, China/October 27, 2015 — Dahua Technology, a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance products headquartered in Hangzhou, China upgraded the security level for Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (Banco Provincia). Banco Provincia is a publicly owned Argentine bank operating 342 branches and is Argentina's second-largest by deposits and total assets.

Banks strive to safeguard its negotiable (Cash, Bonds, Etc.) and non-negotiable assets such as documents, equipment, furniture, and other assets, requiring the highest level of security. As Banco Provincia was in the need of upgrading their surveillance system, devices from many other providers were tested but failed to meet such high-standard requirements. Dahua’s products and technology met these requirements and exceeded other suppliers, becoming the optimal choice.

In this upgrade, DVRs, NVRs, Analog cameras, Analog PTZ cameras, and network cameras, which have fit the cost performance ratio and high stability, were used to meet the security requirements.

Dahua’s Analog cameras and PTZ cameras feature high resolution images, even under the most unfavorable weather conditions. Dahua DVRs provide high-quality live view and up to 8/16 channel synchronous real-time playback. Meanwhile, selected NVRs can be used as storage devices in order to manage massive data volume from the Analog DVRs.

With clear and intelligent functions, Dahua products are able to monitor core areas of the branches of Banco Provincia, such as the lobby, desks, teller counter, ATM, etc. Moreover, Dahua’s Smart PSS and DH-DMSS provide convenience and intelligence by supporting viewing and operation on multiple electronic devices.

“It's a great honor and pleasure to cooperate with Banco Provincia,” said David Shen, Manager of Argentina market at Dahua Technology. “But the process wasn’t easy. The competition among suppliers was quite furious. However, Dahua security products have successfully passed a number of professional tests and proved it qualified as a top security surveillance provider. We are very confident of our products and technology. ”