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Dahua IP Camera Helps Monitor Weather for Mountain Refugio Collado Jermoso


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Can you imagine just one click to enjoy the real time marvelous view from 2,064 meters height’s peak of Mountain Refugio Collado Jermoso? Thanks to the technology of Dahua’s IP camera, the distribution of IPTECNO and the installation of WOLKAM, you can now appreciate the amazing landscape, get the latest weather information and warnings of bad weathers, sent from the peak, directly on social media.


At the peak of Mountain Refugio Collado Jermoso, the biggest challenge comes from the harsh weather conditions, which requires tough equipment to adapt to all extreme climates like storm, low temperature, humidity, and etc. And also the streaming solution is a big problem, for the future observation and the online video, a strong streaming engine to get the real time image is needed.


According to the analysis to this situation, the ultra-series speed dome SD65F230F-HNI of Dahua will be a very good selection, which can provide powerful optical zoom and accurate pan/tilt/zoom to make the camera catch every angle of view. And also with the Starlight technology, the camera is the perfect solution for both ultra-low illuminate environment and day light. The True WDR makes the camera never afraid to face the sunlight or glare directly. Although all these technologies allow the camera to provide high quality image, the difficulty is to survive in this extremely harsh weather conditions. The Dahua camera is able to operate in extreme temperature environments from -40°C to +70 °C (-40 °F to +158 °F) with 95% humidity and the camera complies with the IK10 Vandal Resistance impact rating. Subjected to rigorous dust and water immersion tests as well as certified to the IP67 Ingress Protection rating, the camera is suitable for this project and other demanding outdoor applications.


The camera ran into test in the beginning of 2018, used in Aemet Cantabria to get the information of avalanche risks on Picos de Europa. At that moment, the new equipment started with a huge ‘Snowfall’ that brought the first cold front of February and in a few days, has accumulated more than 3 meters snow in the area. And the camera still worked well.

For the enjoyment of all outdoor sports in the Picos de Europa National Park and the Valdeón Valley, on June 18, a series of Dahua IP cameras came into operation. The cameras installed on Mountain Refugio Collado Jermoso are able to offer live video and audio on FB page or YouTube Channel and will surely become from now on one of the most popular "live window" of Picos de Europa, both for the enjoyment of its views and to be visually informed of the conditions and state climatology of the upper area of Valdeón Valley.

The new angle of the camera that now faces west and over Valdeón Valley is able to observe all its magnitude and the spectacular limestone landscape that Picos de Europa offers, with the summit of Friero (2,440m) in the foreground and La Canal de la Sotín below. The most attractive pictures taken by Dahua webcam were the breathtaking sunsets that until now were reserved only for mountaineers and more experienced walkers. Meanwhile, Mountain Refugio Collado Jermoso has been reputed to offer the best sunsets in the National Park of the Picos de Europa.