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Dahua Technology Safeguard the 2018 Hangzhou FINA World Swimming Championships


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On December 11 to 16, 2018, the 14th FINA World Swimming Championships was held at the Olympic and International Expo Center in Hangzhou, China. Nearly 1,000 world swimming stars from 178 countries and regions competed here, creating a new glory with breaking 9 world records and 22 event records. The Chinese team won three gold medals, five silver medals and five bronze medals with the total medal number ranking the third in the world.


The World Swimming Championships is one of the world's highest-level international swimming events. It is also the highest-standard individual international sporting event ever held in Hangzhou. For an international sporting event of this scale, the safety and security of the venues are of paramount importance. As an important guarantee force for the security of the World Swimming Championships, Dahua Technology ensured the event’s safety with the host spirit and a great sense of responsibility. Dahua Technology once again shouldered the mission of guarding international events after successfully guaranteeing the G20 Hangzhou Summit.


In the periphery and outside of the venue, important entrances and exits, various passages and commanding points in the venues and security commanding headquarters, Dahua Technology provided a complete set of professional intelligent security monitoring equipment and system solutions, assisted the security department to establish security command headquarters, refined the security deployment of the venues and realized the full coverage of security monitoring from the periphery to the stadium and from the bottom to the commanding heights, facilitating the safe and smooth host of the 2018 Hangzhou FINA World Swimming Championships.

Intelligent equipment safeguarded the entire venues

At the venue of the 2018 Hangzhou FINA World Swimming Championships - the surrounding area and interior of the Hangzhou Olympic and International Expo Center, Dahua Technology has teamed up to deploy a number of professional intelligent HD PTZ cameras, fiber cameras, bullet cameras, domes, transmission and other intelligence equipment, covering all areas within the venue, which helped the security department to control all corners inside and outside the stadium in real time so that to ensure the safety of the venue and the event.

Intelligent security system to meet advanced security needs

Dahua Technology combined the requirements of “first-class venue facilities, first-class organization guarantee, first-class opening and closing ceremonies, and first-class city image” in the Championships, focused on key links and built a set of intelligent security video management system with the support of advanced technology platform. It integrated control system, storage and management, and enjoyed the advantages of simple deployment and operation, flexible combination, excellent performance, and a high level of security and stability. It turned the cameras inside and outside the stadium into "smart brains" to guarantee the safety of every corner of the Championships, meeting the high-level security needs of the event.

Visualized practice enhanced the efficiency of command and dispatch

At the security command headquarters of the site, Dahua Technology set the command and dispatch of the security department as the core, with high-definition tiled LCD screens as the display carriers and brought more intuitive and flexible display and control to the security management of the venues before and after the event to ensure the real-time handling, efficient command and visual control of the entire venues, thus winning the praise of the security department leaders.

Escort Awards Ceremony, Presenting "Aquatic Glory"

On the evening of December 16, the 2018 FINA Annual Awards Ceremony was held at the Hangzhou International Expo Center. As a ceremony of the most authoritative awards, with the largest scale and the greatest number of world-class swimming athletes in the global water sports field, Dahua Technology assisted the security units to reuse a large number of equipment around the venue, including intelligent cameras, storage, management platforms and display control equipment, making sure the ceremony was successfully being held.


As an essential force in the escort 2018 World Swimming Championships, Dahua Technology actively devoted to the security work. Stationed professional and technical personnel were responsible for on-site equipment support, achieving zero failure of the equipment, successfully completion of the tasks, and winning the praise of the security department leaders.

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