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Lite ABS AM Antenna

> Superior detection distance, max detection distance can be 2.4 meters (pencil tag).

> Excellent anti-interference, continuous working in complex electromagnetic environment.

> Built-in 1.3 inch OLED display with convenient configuration.

> Auto/manual adjust phase to effectively handle different kinds of interference.

> Alarm volume and alarm tone are both adjustable.

> Supports tag alert.

> CCTV monitoring linkage.

> The primary and replica antenna are all integrated transceivers. three modes can be selected: RX, TX, TR mode.

> The primary antenna can connect up to 2 replica antennas as 1 set system. Multi-system can work together.

> Stylish and minimalist appearance, beautiful and elegant, high strength plastic shell, solid and easy to install.

> Economic operating power consumption, energy-saving and environment-friendly.

> Supports firmware upgrade.

> Supports multi-language (Optional).

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    Acousto-Magnetic Antenna

    Detection Frequency Band

    58 kHz

    Detection Distance of EAS Labels

    1.8–2.0 m (5.91–6.56 ft) (Distance of two antennas)

    Detection Distance of EAS Tags

    2.0 –2.4 m (6.56 ft–7.87 ft) (Distance of two antennas)

    Alarm Volume

    Max 90 dB (Adjustable)

    Antenna Type

    Primary/Replica antenna


    A Single primary antenna can connect to two replica antennas simultaneously

    Sound and Light Alarm

    Primary and Replica Antenna


    Shell Material


    Shell Color


    Input Voltage

    220 – 240 V @ 50 Hz/60 Hz, 100-130 V @ 50 Hz/60 Hz (Optional)

    Output Voltage

    24 VAC/3 A, 12 VAC/1 A

    Maximum Power Consumption

    Primary Antenna: 25 W
    Replica Antenna: 23 W

    Typical Power Consumption

    Primary Antenna: 20 W
    Replica Antenna: 18 W

    Overall Exterior Size

    1500 mm × 400 mm × 120 mm (59.06'' × 15.75'' × 4.72'')

    Packing Size of Primary / Replica Antenna

    1590 mm × 490 mm × 200 mm (62.60'' × 19.30'' × 7.87'')

    Gross Weight

    Primary Antenna: 8.5 kg (18.74 lb)
    Replica Antenna: 7 kg (15.43 lb)

    Operating Temperature

    0 –45 °C ( 32 °F – 113 °F)

    Operating Humidity

    0 –95% (RH)


    Vertical pole mount





    TR Board Port (CH0, CH1, CH2)

    CH0 Integrates into the main board, CH1 and CH2 can connect to the TR board as needed.

    CCTV Port

    Output port for the linkage signal of the camera, up to 3 cameras can be connected simultaneously.

    USB Port

    Used for firmware upgrade.

    Sensitivity Adjustment DIP Switch

    16-level adjustable signal sensitivity