Dahua Technology Developed Mobile "Video Guards" with Complete Solution for Security Service Company in Germany


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"The safety of others has always been a matter close to my heart", says Hans Wetzlar, Managing Director of IHRE SICHERHEIT Security Service in Bielefeld. It was out of this motivation that he founded his security company ten years ago. Together with his team, he ensures, for example, that visitors to events and trade fairs can move around safely. Mobile "video guards", using Dahua's powerful video surveillance technology, are now contributing to this.


Video surveillance is a new addition to the portfolio of security service providers. "This enables us to offer our customers a much wider range of services from a single source," says Hans Wetzlar: "Even the sight of a camera can deter potential perpetrators. The inhibition threshold increases. In our experience, this means less damage to property and less theft." And if 'someone dares', the course of events is completely documented.

While searching for a reliable video surveillance system, the security expert quickly came across Kruse Sicherheitstechnik in Salzkotten. The idea to develop mobile "video guards" arose from this cooperation.


The compact housing of the video monitor contains a great deal of technology: four high-resolution HD cameras are attached to the 6-metre-high trailer, which can record a range of up to 200 metres using motion detectors. "When it comes to technology, we rely on Dahua Technology's products and solutions - and with good reason. The heart of this control station is the DSS server, which receives all signals from the video trailers. The advantage over other providers is that Dahua Technology's licenses are provided free of charge - regardless of whether a 4-channel or a 64-channel recorder," says Tobias Vieth of Kruse Sicherheitstechnik.

Two different camera types are mounted on the trailers: Two wide-angle fixed cameras and two Dahua Starlight series PTZ cameras. They can zoom to certain objects. The Starlight series has very good night vision and a high-performance infrared illuminator - allowing people to be seen from up to 300 metres away.

"The feedback from our customers is consistently positive. Our video guard allows significantly better surveillance at the best price. With Dahua Technology at our side, we are well prepared for the future," says Hans Wetzlar.


Dahua Technology remains on a growth course in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with a comprehensive benefits programme for its specialist trade partners. Reliable on-site support, permanent customer advisors, dedicated project support and technical support from Germany: The comprehensive services contribute to the fact that within a short period of time a three-digit number of specialist trade partners have decided to cooperate with Dahua Technology.

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