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Dahua Delivers IP Solution for SANASA Development Bank


HANGZHOU, China/ July 06, 2015 — Dahua Technology, a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance products headquartered in Hangzhou, China has delivered an IP-based security solution for SANASA Development Bank in Sri Lanka.

Founded in 1997, SANASA Development Bank (SDB) is a unique financial institution, committed to rising the standard of living for low income Sri Lankan families with its range of microfinance activities. SDB is a national cooperative bank, with over 82 branches covering all of Sri Lanka. A large proportion of the bank’s clientele consists of farmers, fishermen, laborers and small vendors and business owners, making it truly a bank dedicated to the people it serves, focusing on their improvement and development. Because its business had been growing consistently SDB decided it needed to upgrade its security system.

After examining SDB’s unique requirements and concerns, Dahua provided the bank with a cost-effective, customized, high-definition IP security solution, designed for stability and reliability. The new system includes surveillance cameras and DVRs, as well as intelligent security software. A number of different camera models were chosen to cover all areas of the bank, including offices, counters, and ATM kiosks.

The majority of cameras used in the SDB system are Dahua’s small IR dome network cameras. These feature a 1/4-inch 1-Megapixel CMOS sensor which outputs clear, crisp 720p images at 25/30 frames per second, and supports multiple network monitoring options, including web viewer, video management software (including Dahua’s DSS or PSS) and DMSS remote viewing. The domes also feature infrared sensors with a range of up to 30 meters – excellent for monitoring the bank during the dark hours of night.IP66-rated weather-proofing and dust-proofing ensures the cameras can withstand even the harshest weather conditions, and IK10-rated vandal-proofing effectively prevents violent attacks on the domes. All of these factors meant that Dahua’s small IR dome network camera made an ideal choice for SDB’s interior and exterior monitoring.

To record the video images provided by the small IR network domes, Dahua provided its 5000 series NVRs. These eight-, 16- or 32-channel network video recorders can receive up to 160Mbps of footage, and support HD resolution of up to 5MP for camera input, record, live view and playback.Crucially,Dahua’s5000 series NVR offers Power over Ethernet (PoE),which allows the cameras to be powered via data cables rather than necessitating the installation of additional power cables.

For its video management, SDB uses Dahua’s Smart Pro Surveillance System software which supports video wall control and is easily connected to smart IP cameras. The Smart PSS provides a host of functions, including device management, real-time viewing, video recording, remote search and playback, and much more.

SDB is the first bank in Sri Lanka to adopt a fully IP solution for its entire security system, and Dahua’s IP solution is helping to improve both security levels and operational efficiency for the bank. As the world-leader in advanced video surveillance solutions, Dahua offers a complete range of high-level banking security systems and equipment, for both large financial institutions like SDB and for smaller credit unions.