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Teaching Assistants

Smart Interactive Whiteboard/Blackboard
*The interactive whiteboard combined with ordinary blackboard can be flexibly used through push and pull.
4K Display
· More Details
Crystal clear presentation
More readable texts on big screen
· Future Proof
4K UHD content support
Zero Air Gap
· Better Viewing Angle & Color
Less internal reflection between the glass and LCD, especially in
large viewing angles
· Better Writing Experience
Fewer distance between pen tip & display (parallax), more solid
Advanced Writing
· Natural, Consistent, Fast & Accurate Writing
Zero air gap, low parallax
Less than 10ms touch response
Ink-like handwriting
Multi-touch (20 points)
· Instant Annotation
Annotate anytime on any sources displayed on the screen
Easy Save & Share
· QR Code Sharing
Scan QR code to quickly download content to your device
· E-mail Sharing
Easily send files and content via email
· Easy Local Saving
Save your whiteboard content locally and start right where you left last time
Wireless Projection
Students can interact with the teacher using their electronic devices. They are able to receive the content, write on the same canvas, take a quiz, or project their answers.
Remote Device Management
Mutiple device status overview;
Screenshot, restart, upgrade and more.
Smart Interactive Multimedia System