Hyundai Somerset West Branch Store Equipped with AI-enabled Dahua WizMind Surveillance Solution


Criminal offences such as vandalism and theft are common threats faced by retail businesses of all sizes. For stores selling luxury and high-end commodities, owners often need to invest additional manpower and resources to protect their properties. Despite their efforts, preventing crimes and incidents from happening using traditional security measures has proven to be increasingly difficult, especially at night and during non-business hours.

This was the same problem faced by Hyundai 4S store in Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa. The store decided to deploy the advanced AI-enabled WizMind surveillance solution of Dahua Technology.


To secure vehicle inventory without creating physical obstructions on Hyundai’s outdoor showroom floor.


Featuring perimeter protection and active deterrence enabled by latest AI technology, Dahua 5MP WDR IR Bullet WizMind Network Camera (HFW5541TP-AS-PV) was selected to safeguard the outdoor showroom of the Hyundai 4S store. Other camera models were also installed for general monitoring around the whole store area.

Based on deep learning algorithm, HFW5541TP-AS-PV with Dahua Perimeter Protection technology can recognize human and vehicle accurately. By setting intelligent rules that trigger alarms based on human detection, this intelligent device will focus on human only and identify whether outsiders are trying to enter restricted areas. Combined with active deterrence, once the tripwire is triggered by someone approaching the area, the built-in white light and siren of the camera will both turn on to warn off the intruder. At the same time, a pop-up notification will appear on the screen of the control room to alert the security personnel on duty, in real time. With the DMSS Mobile app, the real-time alert notification will also send to the user’s mobile phone at the same time. In addition, this solution also allows simultaneous communication with the perpetrator on site through a horn speaker connected to the NVRs audio output. The siren can also be customized using voice or pre-programmed audio files.

Moreover, video storage is handled by an NVR4216-I, which is capable of high-definition surveillance recording and playback. All of the on-site devices were connected to Dahua DSS7016 management platform, allowing remote monitoring based on alarm events. The end user can also use the mobile App to connect to the monitoring center at any time and get real-time status of the store even during non-business hours.


Compared to traditional security devices that can only provide users with recorded videos as evidence after an incident, the Dahua WizMind surveillance solution offers a modern and active way to effectively prevent incidents from happening. A virtual wall featuring perimeter protection was created to help the store deter suspicious individuals through active deterrence, allowing users to intervene using two-way talk and respond in time. Powered by deep learning algorithm, the system accurately filters out false alarm that may disturb users, thereby significantly improving the overall security level of the entire store.

As a result, criminal offences such as vandalism and theft were reduced. The solution also reduced loitering around the store, and enhanced the safety of both staff and customers during operating hours. Additionally, its high-definition video playback and storage capabilities offers strong evidence in case of disputes, enabling effective resolution of issues related to buyers and employees.