Dahua Solution Provides Additional Protection for Supermarket Shopping


Customer and employee safety are among the major concerns for retailers nowadays, especially during the pandemic. This was no different for the Conad supermarket — one of the largest supermarket chains in Italy. Committed to creating a safe and pleasant environment for both customers and employees, a Conad supermarket in the city of Savona chose to enhance its security with Dahua Temperature Monitoring & Flow Control Solution.


In order to comply with the regulations and safety measures against the pandemic, the supermarket faced challenges in preventing people gathering in the store, especially accurately calculating the flow of visitors.


Dahua Technology Italy and its local partner We Tech deployed two ASI7213X-V1-T1 access control terminals featuring temperature monitoring and face mask detection in the store (one at the main entrance of the building and the other at the entrance of the pharmacy). These AI-powered terminals automatically monitor elevated skin temperature to allow the entry of people with normal temperatures and wearing face masks. Once an abnormal temperature or a person without a face mask is detected, a sound alarm will be triggered and an alert notification will be immediately sent to the service personnel. While offering an efficient and touchless way to enable customers and employees to enter the supermarket as normal, it also provides additional protection for their shopping and working during this challenging time.

People flow control is achieved by two IPC-HDW5541TM-AS 5MP AI cameras and a NVR5208-8P-4KS2-V2 network video recorder. The 5MP AI cameras with integrated people counting technology are installed at the entrance and exit of the store to track and count the number of people in real time and monitor how many customers are inside. Users are allowed to set up a maximum threshold for the number of people inside the store. Once reached, the system will prevent any further access, with its exact data displayed on the LM24-F211 24” FHD monitor at the entrance to notify customers to wait outside.

In addition, an 8-channel Network Video Recorder with 8 PoE ports integrates the entire system and manages all data streams from the installed devices and the people counting function of the cameras.


The Dahua Temperature Monitoring & Flow Control Solution enables a fast and convenient entry of customers and employees with reduced physical contact, and assists end users in optimizing available resources and other related processes.

The potential of this solution does not stop here. Beyond temperature monitoring and face mask detection, the full-fledged standalone access controllers also allow door unlocking through face recognition, card swiping, password, or even a combination of these options to authorize access into a restricted area such as storeroom. In this way, substantial loss caused by theft can be greatly reduced. Equipped with people counting function, the IPC cameras also offer perimeter protection, video analysis and comprehensive surveillance under extreme lighting conditions. Overall, the system allows continuous use of devices with more integrated functions in the future, enabling intelligent analysis and improving businesses operations.