Dahua Technology Secured Ariztía’s Food Factories with An AI-powered CCTV System


Ariztía is a leading food production company in Chile with its headquarters located in Melipilla and more than 10 production plants. Its products have covered both domestic and international markets.



Ariztía’s facilities were in urgent need of a security solution to prevent the theft of animals and raw materials on its farms and some plants. At the same time, it also needed a security system to supervise the production and operations in the plants to improve efficiency.


The AI-powered CCTV system provided by Dahua Technology has started its service in December 2020 to supervise the production and protect company resources. When first installed, the engineering team met the main challenge of wireless links and long-distance coverage. It’s solved by the combined efforts of the Dahua team and the integrator who knows the area very well and has a lot of experience in wireless and fiber optic links.

In Dahua’s comprehensive solution, PTZ cameras, bullet cameras, dome cameras, Network Video Recorder, Dahua Security Software 7016DR-S2, Dahua Monitors were all included according to the specific needs of Ariztía. Among them, 4MP IR Vari-focal Bullet WizMind Network Camera (IPCHFW5442EN-ZE) has various intelligent functions, including perimeter protection and people counting, which greatly improve the accuracy of video analysis; DSS7016DR-S2 is a high-performance security management platform based on Linux OS and pre-installed DSS software, offering outstanding performance and excellent reliability. It is ideal for medium and large scenes. 16 Channel 1U 2HDDs 8PoE WizMind Network Video Recorder (NVR5216-8P-I) delivers excellent performance and high recording quality that is ideally suitable for IP video surveillance applications. This NVR adopts a powerful processor, providing the capability of 4K resolution processing for applications where image details are highly required. Additionally, the NVR can be served as edge storage, central storage or backup storage with an intuitive shortcut operation menu for remote management and control.

These innovative products and services from Dahua together built up a more powerful security and management CCTV system for Ariztía.


"Dahua Technology has been of vital importance for the operation of our company. We have had a very good experience working with them, thanks to the support Dahua has given us, in terms of the systems and the training they have given us. Regarding security, we have reduced thefts considerably, by 80%. That is the most important thing. In addition, we were able to increase access controls. And in January the third part of the project should begin, which will increase the number of cameras to cover more of our company's facilities," says Carlos Carminatti, Ariztía's Head of Corporate Security.

Besides, Ariztía also witnessed an increase in production and operation efficiency due to a better way of supervision.