Dahua Designs A New Video Surveillance System for El Bosque Shopping Center in Quito


The El Bosque Shopping Center is emblematic in Quito since it has been a part of people's lives for 38 years. It is named after an important area in the north of the city. There is already at least one generation that grew up witnessing the growth and renovation of this shopping center. Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, designed a new video surveillance system for it. The system focuses on automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) and security surveillance in the most critical areas of the mall, largely covering parking areas where access control and real-time visitor capacity monitoring are required.


The old video surveillance system of El Bosque shopping center was installed in 1990 and was facing inconveniences. For instance, more than 30% of areas in the mall were in blind spots, and old security cameras had poor video fidelity and unclear images, which made it hard to detect illegal acts or present evidence. In addition, the mall did not have surveillance cameras in the most important areas, such as parking lots and restricted corridors.

Therefore, monitoring the entire shopping center was a big challenge for the security guards, which increased labor and time costs for the mall and lowered management efficiency.


The new video surveillance designed by Dahua Technology includes many units of 2MP HDCVI IR Bullet Camera, 2MP IR Mini-Bullet Network Camera, 32 Channel 1U 4K & H.265 Lite Network Video Recorder, 32 Channel Penta-brid 720P Digital Video Recorder, etc.

180° panoramic cameras with automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) technology are installed in the parking areas to read vehicle registration plates for entrance access control. The solution realizes real-time people counting and motion detection alarms in required areas.

Advanced technologies embedded in the cameras help produce the best performance of the system. All the bullet cameras, including the 2MP HDCVI IR Bullet Camera, are equipped with Smart IR technology for the best lowlight performance. The 2MP IR Mini-Bullet Network Camera is equipped with a built-in intelligent analytic algorithm based on video, which can realize intelligent functions like Tripwire and Intrusion, to quickly and accurately respond to monitoring events in specific areas, and enhance monitoring efficiency.

In addition, the cameras support intelligent tamper detection, which is to generate warning messages via detecting dramatic scene changes. Cameras with audio functions can have both video and audio backup of the work carried out by the guards.

The 32 Channel 1U 4K & H.265 Lite Network Video Recorder delivers excellent performance and high recording quality that is ideally suitable for IP video surveillance applications. This professional NVR adopts a powerful processor, providing the capability of 4K resolution processing for applications where image details are highly required. Additionally, the NVR can be served as edge storage, central storage or backup storage with an intuitive shortcut operation menu for remote management and control.

What's more, the 32 Channel Penta-brid 720P Digital Video Recorder, as the perfect solution to upgrade existing video surveillance systems, supports penta-brid access technology such as HDCVI, AHD, TVI, CVBS and IP to effortlessly integrate with popular industry formats, offering an affordable solution loaded with flexible options.

With many efforts and smooth cooperation with the integrator, the Dahua team successfully delivered a new surveillance system for El Bosque Shopping Center, which is much more advanced and reliable.


The new surveillance system creates a safer shopping environment for El Bosque Shopping Center customers. It meets the primary needs of the shopping center, which are to identify suspicious vehicles and illegal acts. Clear video clips will be available for relevant authorities if required.

Moreover, the new video surveillance and access control technologies can be updated in the future and cover more areas of the shopping center.

"Good results have been obtained for security and crime prevention, and we are able to deliver various video evidence to the authorities for court cases," says Juan Anda Sevilla, Security Chief of El Bosque Mall. "The video surveillance system optimizes task distribution of the security personnel, saves time for the guards, and improves their work efficiency and accuracy, which strategically reduces the risks that may arise inside the shopping center."