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Thông báo

Discontinuation of DahuaDDNS/QuickDDNS

In order to improve product cybersecurity performance and quality of services, Dahua will gradually phase out DahuaDDNS/QuickDDNS services.

Dahua supports DahuaDDNS/QuickDDNS as an optional Dynamic Domain Name Server (DDNS) solution for remote access and management in existing devices.

As of Jul. 30, 2017, this service will begin to be replaced by P2P functionality via SmartPSS, Easy4ip APP/Web, or DMSS APP.
From V2.01.0 (will be launched around Jun. 30, 2017), SmartPSS will support web linkage for P2P devices with fully configurable functionality. Easy4ip APP/Web and the DMSS APP serve as lightweight remote device access solutions that support important configuration functions.

Dahua DDNS/QuickDDNS Phase-Out Timeline and Impact





New firmware release will no longer support DahuaDDNS/QuickDDNS as a DDNS option.

New firmware releases for products will not support DahuaDDNS/QuickDDNS services;

Old firmware won’t be affected.



Before Dec. 31, 2017, devices and users will still be able to to register if the firmware supports. After this deadline date, registration will be disabled at a date which will be announced at a later point.

Devices already registered to DahuaDDNS/ QuickDDNS wont be affected;

New users and new devices will no longer be able to register.

Q1. Why stop DahuaDDNS/QuickDDNS services?
A.   The usage of DDNS is limited by network scenario and requires manual configuration and registration. P2P supports remote access without complex network setup and provides more reliable safeguarding for equipment as far as cybersecurity is concerned.

Q2. How will original equipment be affected by the discontinuation of DahuaDDNS/QuickDDNS services?
A.   Devices already registered to DahuaDDNS / QuickDDNS won’t be affected, and can still be used normally. But the registration portal will be discontinued after Dec. 31, 2017 according to equipment registration trends. As of this point unregistered old equipment will be unable to register for DahuaDDNS/QuickDDNS. For currently registered equipment, Dahua will continue to provide maintenance for the lifetime of the server.

Q3. What about third party DDNS service support?
A.   Customers can still use third-party dynamic domain name server platforms (such as DynDns, No-IP, etc.) to achieve remote device access and management.

Dahua is committed to improving user experiences and service quality. Our users are encouraged to migrate to P2P connections for remote device management in order to enjoy a better user experience and improved network security.