ANPR 2.0

What is ANPR?

Dahua WizMind ANPR 2.0 includes two features: Automatic Number Plate Recognition and Parking Space Management.

ANPR is the abbreviation for Automatic Number Plate Recognition. It can be used to store images and license plate information captured by the cameras. Powered by deep learning algorithm, Dahua ANPR technology can recognize the number plate information of vehicles in the image. This feature can be used to provide higher security in restricted areas.

With deep learning algorithms, Dahua Parking Space Management technology can detect the number of vehicles in outdoor parking lots and the current number of remaining parking spaces. It can extract and display parking status information to improve parking efficiency.


Những lợi ích

  • High Accuracy

    Detection Rate of up to 99%, and Recognition Rate of up to 95%.
  • Multiple Algorithm

    ANPR function supports license plate recognition algorithms that cover more than 87 countries.
  • Enhanced Efficiency

    The ANPR system can reduce employee work tasks and improve vehicle management efficiency.The Parking Space Management System can significantly enhance parking space utilization.
  • Better value

    The traffic flow and parking lot analysis data can help users plan roads and parking spaces, avoiding congestion and improving operational efficiency.

Các tình huống điển hình

  • Toll Station
    Toll Station

  • Gas Station
    Gas Station

  • Outdoor Parking Lot
    Outdoor Parking Lot

  •  Illegal Parking Area
    Illegal Parking Area

  • Urban Road
    Urban Road

  • Airport