Face Recognition 2.0

What is Face Recognition 2.0

Dahua face recognition extracts the features of a captured face image and compares it with those in the database to recognize the person’s identity. In order to better expand basic on FR capabilities,we released new functions: prevent duplicated, exclude staff, customer traffic statistics.


Những lợi ích

  • benefits-iconPrevent Duplication

    Offers accurate customer traffic based on face counting, and effectively filters out people who have entered multiple times.
  • benefits-iconExclude Staff

    With accurate customer traffic data based on face, certain people can be accurately filtered, including staff and security personnel who don’t need to be counted.
  • benefits-iconCustomer Traffic Statistics

    Customer traffic statistics can help retailers conduct customers age and gender distribution analysis
  • benefits-iconAI Search By Entry Frequency

    Pictures can be selected on the entry frequency search (greater than or equal, or less than or equal a certain number).

Các tình huống điển hình

  • Retail Chain
    Retail Chain

    Face recognition 2.0 can help retail chain managers obtain precise customer traffic statistics in the store.

  • Luxury Shop
    Luxury Shop

    Face recognition 2.0 can assist luxury shop owners to easily capture face images of regular customers or even suspicious people by analyzing their entry frequency.

  • Car Shop
    Car Shop

    Face recognition 2.0 makes it possible for the 4S store manager to check and analyze customer traffic statistics, which exclude the staff and security personnel of the shop.