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Most governments all over the world prioritise the improvement of road safety. One of the available tools for influencing the behaviour of road-users is traffic enforcement – and in particular speed measurement.
There are currently several ways to measure speed - section speed enforcement and point speed enforcement. Section speed enforcement, in contrast to point speed enforcement (for example, radar boxes) , has the advantage of measuring speed on a longer road stretch, preventing abrupt speed reduction at certain points. Point speed enforcement has the advantage of increased mobility so that traffic police can move to different points whenever necessary.

Point Speed Enforcement System

• Solution Details

The Dahua Point Speed Enforcement solution can effectively help transportation authorities detect vehicles which break the speed limit in all types of weather conditions. The system features an all-in-one design which makes it easy to use and install. It consists of an 8MP CCD camera and multi-target tracking radar which provide an accurate instant speed measurement of each passing vehicle with high definition images. What’s more, the IR flash lamp ensures excellent imaging capabilities even at night.

• Features and Benefits

>> Supports measurement of multiple vehicles in different lanes with high-precision 3D radar.

>> In addition to speed, cameras can also capture details such as plate number, vehicle type, and lane number.

>> High definition cameras can operate around-the-clock.

>> Long battery life, touch panel, and compact design provide better on-site enforcement.

>> Easy setup, instant deployment.

>> Uses wired / wireless(Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G) network to forward data back to control center.

Section Speed Enforcement System

• Solution Details

The Dahua ANPR camera captures the plate number and time at both the section start and end, and forwards this information to the DSS. The DSS then evaluates the average velocity of each passing vehicle. The margin of error of velocity detection diminishes as section length increases. The recommended distance of sections is 2-5km, of which accuracy reaches up to 99.8%. Multiple velocity limits can also be set for different types of vehicles.

• Traffic Management Server Support

>> Search and fuzzy search by plate/time/type of violations.

>> Display plate/record time/image thumbnails/linked video.

>> Average speed measurement/setting according to different vehicle type.

• Features and Benefits

>> 99.8% velocity measurement accuracy.

>> One camera covers 3 lanes, cost-effective.

>> Avoids abrupt braking to evade speed measurement.

>> Reduces accident rates throughout entire section.